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My son and I were at the local Port O’ Subs today.

He ordered a medium size sandwich, which weighs in about the same as his 8 year old frame, much to the astonishment of the lady in line behind him, and the ‘sandwich-barista’ behind the counter. The counter clerk went as far as to question him twice (I let him order his own sandwich) “Are you sure you don’t want a small?”

Known for his ‘hollow legs’ (as we say in England), he promptly finished the medium sandwich, down to the last piece of salami.

The counter clerk took the time to come to our table and admitted to my son with a smile, “I was wrong, I apologize for doubting a boy like you could eat the medium size” and then gave him an Oreo cookie for dessert by way of apology.

It doesn’t take much to make an 8 year old happy, just as it doesn’t take much to say “thank you“, “I was wrong”, or “you were right“, to a customer.

Any unexpected gesture that shows a customer or client you value them, their business and their loyalty is welcome and a long-term strategy for success.

Online, it’s often difficult to bring the same level of personal service, but there are ways of saying thank you with special, and most importantly, GENUINE, ‘insider’ offers, rewards, shipping discounts, money-saving tips, coupons or personalization to make them feel “Oreo Special

Sometimes, it a cookie moment that can make all the difference.