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Apple’s “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercials have been a staple of advertising kudos, parodies and copycats.

Microsoft has attempted to humanize and outgun the Apple commercials by recruiting cute kids in what certain seniors would believe are tough ‘social’ tasks; publishing photos, creating slideshows, building panoramic prints etc.

This is the first advertising campaign where I believe Microsoft finally “gets it”. The ads work (mostly).

There is a slight problem with “Adam”, however, it appears the cute little girls far out “cute” little boys in viewer opinion, but overall the commercials convey the fact that Windows is “simple enough for kids to use”.

The reason this is necessary at all (aren’t all computers supposed to be simple?), is that perception has always been that multimedia tasks involving images, video, photos = Macs are easy, Windows is hard. This commercial from the 80’s(?) actually drives the reality home; kids understand Macs are simpler!

Perception is a powerful brand differentiator. What can you do to dispel or support perception to your brand advantage?

BTW, Macs are still simpler to use 🙂

I subscribe to a number of blog RSS feeds and force myself to at least glance at them before they’re more than 24 hrs old.

Having a commitment to review the ‘latest’ from a variety of sites is equivalent to reading a newspaper cover to cover in the ‘old’ days. This used to be a morning routine of mine.

Understanding we’re often too busy to fit everything we need to do into our days, why do I carve out 25 mins. of my day reading of 15-30 feeds?

The “gem”

At least once a week I find a nugget of knowledge that makes my life easier and (normally) saves me far more time than my reading schedule.

These gems improve my knowledge and by extension my value as an SEO resource.

As miners of yore know, you’ll never find a diamond if you’re not digging for it.

Knowledge gems are the same way. Make sure you’re looking, the gem will find you!