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Please excuse the erratic (read non-existent) blog posts this week.

I started a new job that required enough attention to give me a weak excuse not to write or post.

Doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about it 🙂

Clarity that came to me during the self-serving excuse process.

  • Time is a scare resource

  • Time is a finite commodity

  • Time is valuable

Procrastination does not always mean laziness, sometimes it boils down to prioritization and the simple fact of 24 hours in a day.

There’s no excuse necessary when there simply isn’t enough time to get things done. What is important is being able to recognize and prioritize based on finite resource allocation – such at time – to deliver the best bang for the buck, best return on investment, or best decision for a balanced life (work or personal).

No excuse for no blogs posts this week.

We now return to our normal blogging schedule.