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How to move mountains – eCommerce & eMarketing strategy for success!

I admit it. I’m a 98% guy. I believe the extra 2% can take 98% of your time. I’m never certain that the extra effort delivers the equivalent reward.

There is one area, however, where I feel you can never do too much.


Whether it’s a blog, social media site, Twitter, school or volunteering at the local non profit, participation can, and should, be considered as the best “return on effort” for any company or individual.

Whatever your goal;  online, offline, business or personal, getting involved will always give back more than it takes.

It’s never enough to not participate more.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays.

Before you spend too much time, effort, energy and money (after all time is money) on optimizing and search engine marketing for every search engine out there, ask yourself a few questions.

1) Do I have the time, effort, energy and money to submit to all the major search engines (,, MSN, Yahoo)?

2) Should I focus effort on one or two niche search engines or directories specific to my market?

3) Should I just focus on Google and get exposure to over 60% of the searches conducted online?

For most campaign efforts, I recommend door #3 – it’s a big, valuable piece of the pie and normally more than most people can finish in one sitting.

Understanding and optimizing for your users and for Google is a tasty proposition (and a 5 course meal in itself!) Bon apetit!