Customer Service / Online Marketing – One Rock at a Time

How to move mountains – eCommerce & eMarketing strategy for success!

Catching up on many blogs, comments and news from this week. Crazy days.

Doom and gloom hitting global markets. Local vendors going out of business. Dow Jones down.

Yep, financial armageddon appears to have begun.

Looking at some online statistics, one thing hasn’t appeared to have changed over the past week from financial hell. Site visits to many of the websites I own or monitor have held steady. Interesting.

Imagine if this scenario was taken offline. Doom, gloom, unemployment, the R-word… yet still people are out on the streets “looking” for something. Information? Opportunity? Something to buy?

I won’t be an Internet Chicken Little until I see a significant drop in business service searches and traffic to sites that offer business focused or consumer good for sale.

So I’m not kicking back, just lazing around, tweaking some sites and hoping to convert a few more to take up some slack of those that aren’t spending as much.

The virtual sky’s still looking pretty clear.