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How to move mountains – eCommerce & eMarketing strategy for success!

In planning any web presence, a lot of focus goes on design, technology and usability (we hope!)

In pulling together a proposal for a prospective client this week the only thing that appeared to be missing from their plan was the actual content for the site!!

In many projects I’ve been asked to take over, often, a ‘cart before the horse’ approach has left a website structure and platform waiting for the actual, final content (or a rewrite of content in hand because the realization is that it won’t work as is.)

Whoa there partner!!

Content (as mentioned) is king! Content is such an integral part of most development that it can (and does) drive site maps, wireframes, page layouts and even the resources needed to maintain and serve the site.

One of the first items on any development agenda is a cataloging of available content, identification of necessary content, review of content management options and discussion of a content acquisition strategy (all of which can affect timelines and deliverables.)

If you want to ensure timely delivery and less headache in web project management, ask the right question(s) at the outset.

Specifically you can take some poetic license with the Burger King classic commercial and ask “Where’s the content?”