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I admit it. I’m a twit.

Rather I’m a tweep or tweeper or something else that wasn’t a word when I was young.

The vernacular of “Twitter” a micro-blogging platform for people who have outgrown Facebook, yet still yearn for communication with a mix of international “tweeps” who appear to have way too much time on their hands.

Funny thing is, as I’ve got deeper into the “Twitterverse” I’ve discovered the group I’ve interacted and ‘conversed’ with includes CEOs and Industry innovators, top-notch brand leaders and successful marketing gurus.

Twitter actually seems to have real value in information and camaraderie.

Without espousing too much, Twitter is so much more than just posting small snippets of your thoughts and life. I’ve come to understand that it’s more of a social experiment in “NOW” – what you’re doing and what you’re thinking at a specific point in time.

It’s interesting, it’s amusing and, most importantly, 99% of the time it’s REAL.

If you haven’t tried it… sign up. If you want to learn more about it, here’s an excellent overview of Twitter from the smart folks at Commoncraft, in an easy to understand video format, watch below.

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Urban definition “Tweep” (not as endearing as I’d like)

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