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How to move mountains – eCommerce & eMarketing strategy for success!

Writing a blog, creating content for a website, or crafting an email requires little talent.

Anyone can write something interesting or of interest to themselves.

Writing, creating or crafting can only be considered effective if it is understood by the intended audience in the manner with which it was intended.

The phrase “on yer bike” would be quite effective, for example, when dealing with some of the wayward lads I went to school with, to essentially tell them to “leave”.

For americans, for whom the phrase is perhaps unknown, they may infer I was requesting they go off and perambulate on a two-wheeled vehicle.

Language is a funny animal. Success is not measure by the number or quality of the words written, rather by the connection it creates and maintains with an audience.

So though I could say “get on yer bike!” before I sign off, I’d like to add, for my american readership… “cheerio”