Customer Service / Online Marketing – One Rock at a Time

How to move mountains – eCommerce & eMarketing strategy for success!

A few years ago, I presented a series of workshops that hoped to educate and entertain called “What’s your problem?”

The ultimate goal was to get business owners to look at their business goods or services and match them up with their clients’ and prospects’ problems, and answer the question; “Why the hell would I want to buy your product or service X if it doesn’t solve my problem Y?”

More often or not businesses approach their product development, offerings and marketing around features and benefits – one necessary component of marketing – rather than look at customer issues, and the potential to solve them, as core marketing strategy.

With online business opportunities, this becomes even more relevant as prospects are often searching specifically for their problem or a solution to their problem:

“Hair salon Las Vegas” “Watch repair New York” “Cheap wedding coordinator San Diego”

For businesses online, the opportunity is obvious. By optimizing their efforts to specific problems, issues and specialties (and keyword research to see if these are areas of need) online marketing becomes less of an eProblem and more of business funnel of targeted customers who found you!

So when people ask you “What’s your problem?”, tell ‘em, then focus on providing your eSolution!