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How to move mountains – eCommerce & eMarketing strategy for success!

Many businesses are looking at their marketing Return On Investment (ROI) as a key area of focus when considering cost cutting, cost savings and cost justification.

Whether justifying to management or shareholders – I tend to blur the line of accountability between the two – in tough times every line item in a marketing budget tends to get scrutinized for efficiency, economy and priority.

ROI (Return On Investment) is a great metric – and buzzword – for bean counters. For project managers and marketers like myself a much better, and more fitting, interpretation would be Return On Implementation.

This is based on my “un-patented but all mine” success equation:

effort + smarts + implementation + follow-up = success

The term “investment” makes me think of one-off effort, the term “implementation” references a definitive and deliberate process to distinct and measurable goals.

What’s your ROI?

Is good quality bad?

According to the economist on the panel addressing the Senate Committee, quality is a double-edged sword that leads to less cars being bought, primarily because they simply last longer.

Is this a bad thing?

Not for consumers!

On the web, should a website be constantly updated if quality is not an issue?

Should site updates be driven by necessity or by an arbitrary schedule?

Rhetorical questions!

Updates should be relevant, driven by users to some degree, and on a schedule as defined by business need, not decided by throwing runes or looking into crystal balls!

A site does not need to make significant updates unless it increases the quality, defined (by me) as:

(actual value / perceived value) * satisfaction——————————————————————(competition * actual defects)

Value is a factor of “what’s in it for me?”, “what do I need?” and “do you have it for me?”

To have actual value a site needs to provide what visitors need and allow them to easily and painlessly get it! Note: This could be information, a product, a service a connection etc.

Satisfaction, is the ability to deliver at or above user expectations.

Competition is a factor of uniqueness.

Defect is a factor of not delivering to expectations through issues or actions that could be resolved given insight, resources or technology.

Quality is a necessity. Quality attracts customers. Quality is good for business.

Online, website quality is a necessary goal.

Now will someone please get out there and tell the Big 3 Automakers to make better quality cars that people want and let a willing audience come to them! (And let me keep my tax dollars!)