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How to move mountains – eCommerce & eMarketing strategy for success!

Just as old food deserves the garbage can, old content loses some of its appeal (at least in Google’s search results).

I took a light-hearted (but serious) look at the various factors and best practices in keeping your website content fresh, and posted an article over at The Search Agents blog to explain the basics of good content strategy.

Bottom line on content development and deployment, it doesn’t have to be a multiple times a day endeavor, but it should focus on content that engages and encourages sharing.

Neither of these are new concepts, I’ve wrote many times that unique and relevant content has a great chance of ranking as it should naturally attract visits, engagement and sharing.

There’s a few caveats to this, such as a test project I built out a few years ago with scraped content and lots of onsite issues. The Music Genres List site is an example of horrible (non existent) design and development, yet ranks because of exact match domain and a true connection of “Intent to Content” – it’s exactly what people expect, a list of music genres.

“Only Google Knows” how it’s ranking algorithm works, but freshness of content, together with relevance to users are two factors that will contribute to good, consistent rankings and your site’s success.